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What is the IDL Symposium?
The International Data Link Symposium is the annual gathering of the data link community. It showcases an international consortium of independent government and industry organisations. This annual event is a combination of exhibits, briefings and educational events in a Government/military-Industry environment.

Who Sponsors the Symposium?
The IDLS is sponsored by the data links community. The International Data Links Society (IDLSoc) was founded to promote interoperability and provide a single event that brings together all of the experts from the data links community in one place as a resource for new data links programs and a forum for exchanging the latest advances in interoperability and data links technology.

Where is the next IDL Symposium ?
The next International Data Links Symposium and Training Days was planned to be held in Herning, Denmark from 26th October - 29th October  2020.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions the committee have proposed to run during the IDLS2020 Week, between the 26th and 30th of October 2020, this will be a virtual event made up of different elements from the live event rather than recreating the event in its entirety.

Further Information on IDLS 2020
Information and registration details can be accessed here.
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